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Campus Health is working to address students’ needs as we deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. Students who need medication refills or medications transferred can email Marius Commodore ( for assistance. It may take up to 48 hours for a response. We are not able to retrieve medications left behind on campus or to ship medications from the Student Health Center at this time.

All Student Health Center and Counseling Center appointments are cancelled. Providers with access to Wi-Fi are trying to check and monitor secure messages from students. When possible, we will re-open telehealth appointments to students.

There were a number of COVID-19 tests that were still being processed when we had to shut down. Those results will be sent through the patient portal when available. Due to the current situation, we encourage all students to complete COVID-19 testing when they arrive at their final destination. If you are COVID positive and need to travel to another destination, we recommend you go by car versus other means that could expose others.

General questions can be directed to

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